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Your money was placed into your personal commissary account after you were booked in and prior to being assigned to housing. These funds may be used to purchase approved items during your incarceration. Funds may not be transferred to another inmate(s) account.

The facility normally issues a debit card for your remaining commissary funds at the time of release/transfer.

Unpaid medical costs or other incarceration-related expenses you owe may be deducted from your commissary funds.

The Commissary Program normally operates as follows:

  1. Commissary funds may only be deposited:
    1. in-person using cash/credit cards via the deposit kiosk located outside the facility’s visitation entrance, or
    2. by visiting ( Detention staff members are prohibited from accepting, depositing or processing funds sent through the U.S. Mail. Deposit funds, with the exception of other correctional facilities sent through the mail, will be returned to sender unprocessed.
  2. You may order commissary items using the kiosk available in the dayroom. You must have sufficient funds in your account to purchase commissary items; the purchase cost is directly deducted from your commissary account by the commissary provider. Your order will not be processed as ordered if you do not have sufficient funds to cover your desired purchases. Commissary is normally distributed twice weekly (the actual day may vary based on operational priorities/housing assignment).
  3. You are prohibited from purchasing commissary items for other inmates. You may not give commissary items to other inmates upon your transfer/release.
  4. The Platte County Detention Center does not warranty the operation of MP3 players, pens, or any other items from their manufacturers; all purchases are on an as-received basis. Typically, only damages or shortages identified upon delivery to you may be replaced.
  5. You have only 5 business days to claim your commissary, if released prior to receiving your order. Unclaimed orders will be placed in oversupply. Refunds are not provided.

The Commissary Program is a privilege and not an inmate right. Program participation is subject to suspension at any time without notice.

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