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As of 3/13/2020, all jail visitation has been suspended until further notice. Inmates will be given 2 free phone calls a week until visitation has been reinstated.

This information is effective November 5, 2019.

To determine the visitation time for a specific detainee, click on the Current In-Custody link at the bottom of the Detention page.  On that page search for and select the detainee’s name.  On the right side of the screen, there is summary information including the “Cell” (Tank) assignment for the detainee.  Please note that if the “Inmate Classification” is listed as “Municipal/Civil”, “Protective Custody” or “Red-Tag”, a special visit approval is required prior to the visit. Click on the Visitation Schedule to view the scheduled times for the facility.  

Visits will be limited to one continuous thirty (30) minute period per designated day.

Note: Visitation is subject to cancellation at the Division Commander’s discretion.
Note: Detainees on disciplinary segregation may lose their visitation privileges.

Visitation Guidelines

•    Juveniles (under 17 years of age) that are related to the detainee may visit only if accompanied by their parent or legal guardian. The parent, legal guardian accompanying the juvenile must have a current and valid photo identification card and may be required to show proof of guardianship of the juvenile. If a juvenile visitor not related to the detainee wishes to visit, their parent or legal guardian must accompany them. Proof of emancipation must be provided, if applicable.
•    Visitors will be required to check in at Master Control and be signed in for visitation a minimum of thirty (30) minutes prior to the scheduled visiting time.  EXCEPTIONS WILL NOT BE PERMITTED.
•    During regular visitation there is no right of privacy. Your visitation period is monitored and recorded.
•    Contact visits are limited to privileged (attorney, law enforcement, prosecutors, etc.) and professional visitors (clergy, psychologist, medical, etc.) or others as designated and approved by the Detention Commander or designee. Privileged contact visits, are only monitored in a manner and for the purpose of ensuring the safety and security of the visitor and detainee.  
•    Privileged visitors may be allowed to visit detainees at times other than regular visiting hours. Privileged visits may be denied when preparing detainees for court, serving meals and during lockdown or emergency situations. Privileged visitors who want to bring or send additional individuals into the facility to visit detainees, such as investigators, may do this by obtaining a court order or gaining prior approval from the Detention Division Commander.
•    Detainees planning a visit from visitors coming from distances over 150 miles away may request approval for special visit which will be scheduled for up to an hour for detainees making proper request and not subject to disciplinary restrictions.  Approvals must be gained prior to the Special Visit.  The requester will be notified of the designated date and time for the approved visit.  Detainees are limited to not more than two (2) special visits in any given seven (7) day period.
•    Detainees on Administrative Segregation (Protective Custody or Red-Tag) must have prior approval for the visit. These visits must be scheduled at a time which fits into the operational schedule of the facility. The detainee may receive one visit per week for up to thirty (30) minutes. All other rules for Visitation apply.
•    Special Visits are routinely scheduled from 12:00 noon to 1:00 pm and 6:00 pm to 7:00 pm daily. The request for visit may be submitted by email to or by the detainee through a Special Visit Request. The request must include the date and indicate if mid-day or evening would be more convenient. Please note that special visits and visits for Administrative Segregation detainees are scheduled on a first come, first serve basis.

Visitation Rules and Regulations are as follows:

•    No smoking will be allowed by any visitor while in the visiting room.
•    Only three (3) visitors at a time per detainee will be allowed in the visiting room.
•    Only persons seventeen (17) years of age or older, with proper identification, will be allowed in the visiting room, except in the case of a juvenile accompanied by an adult.
•    Recklessly, intentionally, or maliciously destroying, or tampering with County Property will generally result in prosecution.
•    No person who appears to be intoxicated or under the influence of drugs or alcohol will be permitted in the visiting room.
•    A warrant check is done on all visitors. A visitor with an outstanding warrant will not be permitted to visit and is subject to arrest.
•    Former detainees are prohibited from visiting current detainees for the following specified amount of time:
o    Misdemeanants/Municipal/Civil Detainees are prohibited for a period of six (6) months from the time of their incarceration
o    Felons are prohibited for a period of one (1) year from the time of their incarceration  
•    No visitor under the authority of Probation or Parole will be permitted to visit.
•    No visitor will record or photograph the visitation area, the detainee, or any part thereof.  
•    Visitors dressed in a manner that could be offensive to others will not be permitted to visit.

Any violation of the rules of visitation will result in immediate termination of the visit, and detainees may be subject to disciplinary procedures. Visitors who violate rules and regulations shall be subject to denial of access to future visits and criminal prosecution for any associated law violation.

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