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In 2011, Platte County began the process of transitioning away from the original VHF (Very High Frequency) Repeater Based radio system in place since the mid 1970s. On December 5th, 2012, all Public Safety agencies (LE, Fire, EMS) within Platte County switched to the new 8 million dollar trunked 800 MHz P25 simulcast radio system. The Platte County Radio System is managed and represented at the MARRS meetings by the Emergency Services Division Commander.

The Platte County Radio system is part of the Metropolitan Area Regional Radio System (MARRS), a radio system of radio systems. MARRS is a trunked simulcast 800 MHz radio system that was established through the use of federal grant dollars and additional local investment. The objective of MARRS was to create a seamless radio system for public safety and emergency services personnel across jurisdictional and state boundaries. Prior to the creation of MARRS, public safety agencies would have to patch radios from different agencies together. MARRS allows public safety personnel to respond to emergencies more efficiently by unifying the radio systems across jurisdictional boundaries.

Two host agencies, Johnson County, KS and the City of Kansas City, MO. serve as the MARRS host agencies with all other radio systems connect to. Other agencies have subsequently joined with the MARRS system, the City of Independence, Platte County, Mo., Cass County, Mo, Wyandotte Co., KS, Lee’s Summit, MO, Excelsior Springs, MO and Eastern Jackson County, MO. These agencies combined have created a regional radio system with approximately the same footprint of the State of Connecticut.  

MARRS System


Footprint of MARRS


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