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An individual is required to register with The Platte County Sheriff’s Office for certain offenses. To review the Missouri State Statute (589.400, RSMo) governing the requirements for registration of these offenders, please visit

A Note From Sheriff Owen:
The following list is a public document compiled pursuant to Missouri State statutes. The information below has been provided by offenders and may or may not reflect the present address of persons whose names appear below. As Sheriff, I caution citizens to be aware that often people have similar names to those listed below, but the law does not allow further identifying information to be given out on this document. The offender registration list is as current as possible, but will change occasionally as people move, die, or commit other crimes.


As of August 28, 2005, the State of Missouri revised the statutes on Offender Registration as it pertains to viewing on the Internet. Pursuant to 589.402, RSMo, “The chief law enforcement officer of the county may maintain a web page on the Internet” and continuing to state “except that only persons who have been convicted of, found guilty of, or plead guilty to committing or attempting to commit sexual offenses shall be included on this website“. Please see a full text of this section at if you have any questions.

Pursuant to a Supreme Court decision, the ongoing duty to register for pre-1995 offenses has been invalidated. All other provisions remain in effect, including the publication of pre-1995 offenses. As such, the accuracy of the address information cannot be guaranteed and will not be displayed.

A complete list of all persons required to register as offenders can be obtained at the Platte County Sheriff’s Office.


The Platte County Sheriff’s Office is supplying this information in compliance with the Missouri Revised Statues. By viewing or printing this information you assume all liability for any claims of harm which may arise from your actions or incidents which may result from your dissemination of this information. The addresses provided are the addresses that were given at the time of registration.

I Agree, Please Show Me The List

Additionally, you can search by state from one website. The Department of Justice has a sex offender search side, The information on that site is provided by each state – whose data is provided by each county or city agency.

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