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General Frequently Asked Questions

Residence checks are available for any residence in Platte County. You can submit a request on this online form or contact our 24 hour non-emergency number.
You do not need a permit to purchase a weapon. Please see your gun dealer for more information.
Yes, if you are a resident of Platte County, Missouri. Please see our Concealed Carry Information page for more information.
Please see our Detention Division section of our website for that information.
During normal business hours, the ex parte can be obtained by going directly to the Platte County Court House. An emergency ex parte can be filled out after hours or during holidays at the visitation window at the Platte County Sheriff’s Office.
During normal business hours, please contact the Sheriff's Office at (816) 858-2424. If you are not sure whether or not you need to register, please see this part of our site.
Please see our civil service fees page for this information.
We cannot pass messages or contact information to inmates of our facility. Any contact must be initiated by you, either through visiting the inmate at the scheduled visitation times, or by sending mail to the inmate. Please see Detention FAQ for more information.

Detention FAQ

Unfortunately, staff are not permitted to pass messages to inmates. However, you may set up an account through and send the inmate a secure e-mail. You may also set up an account through and leave a voice message on the phone system.
You may set up a phone account with CenturyLink Inmate Communications by calling 888-506-8407 or by visiting
You may deposit money onto an inmate’s commissary account or set up an account with TurnKey Corrections by visiting You may also deposit money through a convenience kiosk in the lobby of the Detention Center.

On the Detention Center webpage, there is a set of hyperlinks to assist the public. Click on the “Current In-Custody”. Find the inmate you wish to visit and locate the inmates cell block. Then click on the hyperlink "Visitation Schedule" to find the times listed for the corresponding cell block. It is helpful if you review the rules for visitation prior to the visit.

On the Detention Center webpage, there is a set of hyperlinks to assist the public. Click on the “Current In-Custody”. Find the inmate you desire information on and click on the inmate’s name to see the charge and court information. Please note that court information is only updated after it is received from the court and verified. Also, other warrants may exist which have not yet been confirmed.
Unfortunately, it is not permissible for employees to recommend a bonding agent. On the Platte County Sheriff’s Office website, click on the button for the Detention Center. Immediately following the narrative is a set of hyperlinks to assist the public. Click on the “Qualified Bonding Agents” to see the current list of approved agents.
The Platte County Detention Center will not accept the delivery of any items from outside sources, with the following exceptions:
    • Reasonable amount of legal material from attorneys and Probation/Parole.
    • Low or non-tinted prescription eyewear/contacts.
    • Prescription medication in original container.

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